we are set to finally have a summer day in portland and i am ready.  we are talking a high of seventy-nine people. i still had to dress in appropriate layers to compensate for the chilly morning but i'm ok with that.  in the end, i have; my current favorite boat shoes, hints of gold, skinny jeans, bright white loose tank, three-year old standby target scarf and my caslon jacket which i adore.  makes me feel like i'm ready to walk on a boardwalk at sunset; calm, cool and casual.

Boardwalk Attire

** i couldn't quite find all the pieces i have on at polyvore so i don't think it necessarily does my outfit justice, i may have to post my very first 'real' outfit shot of how it all comes together on my own canvas.

Forever21 racer back tank
$3.80 - forever21.com

Richard Nicoll zipper jacket
$925 - net-a-porter.com

Forever21 stretch skinny jeans
$11 - forever21.com

Canvas shoes
$30 - dsw.com

Forever21 bangle bracelet
$2.80 - forever21.com

Forever21 necklace
$2.80 - forever21.com

White shawl
$36 - topshop.com

**i didn't quite go as far as shooting myself but i'm warming up to it....here are some shots i took at lunch today:

 like i was saying before, i couldn't find my caslon jacket on polyvore so here is a quick shot of it after i took it off at lunch along with my vintage (ha) scarf from target.  so awesome it finally made it to sleeveless weather in p-town.

 my boat shoes which i am loving this spring and summer, good staple for so many different looks.

 had a great chat with my gf at pastini where we enjoyed the sun, salad and iced tea.  summer is the best.  you can see her fidgeting with her hair in the window, haha.

one of the many reasosn i love downtown portland, i think their buildings are just mesmerizing.  not that i have any particular draw to the hilton but it was right in front of me and i thought the red lettering and that awesome red brick building in front of it against the blooming trees was a great view for lunch.

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