i am desperate to stick with the bold colors summer has brought us.  the closest you will get me to fall is a full-length pant.  two weeks of summer in pdx just wasn't enough, come back, please.

Summer Color, Stay with Me!

TopShop cami tank top
$45 - topshop.com

Goldsign skinny leg jeans
$205 - net-a-porter.com

TopShop beaded jewelry
$85 - topshop.com

TopShop gold jewelry
$18 - topshop.com

New Arrivals - Francesca's Collections
$38 - francescascollections.com


Color Me Khaki

i'm in love with these colors for fall and excited to try some fun nail applications with them.  maybe even some crackle. i included both the original inspiration and my likely chose for dollar reasons.

Color Me Khaki



for months now i have been swooning over these michael kors watches.  trying again and again to decide whether the feeling of need will surpass into a slightly less frantic feeling of want.  so far, no dice.  now that it is anniversary sale time at nordstrom, it may just be the universe telling me to dive in to the world of over-sized watches.  final thought is, do i need the real deal or would a much less expensive version satisfy my short attention span long enough to find a new item to lust after.  less expensive example here.

Gotta Have It? 

MICHAEL Michael Kors gold watch
$250 - nordstrom.com

MICHAEL Michael Kors ball watch
$250 - bloomingdales.com

MICHAEL Michael Kors chronograph watch
$169 - bloomingdales.com



we are set to finally have a summer day in portland and i am ready.  we are talking a high of seventy-nine people. i still had to dress in appropriate layers to compensate for the chilly morning but i'm ok with that.  in the end, i have; my current favorite boat shoes, hints of gold, skinny jeans, bright white loose tank, three-year old standby target scarf and my caslon jacket which i adore.  makes me feel like i'm ready to walk on a boardwalk at sunset; calm, cool and casual.

Boardwalk Attire

** i couldn't quite find all the pieces i have on at polyvore so i don't think it necessarily does my outfit justice, i may have to post my very first 'real' outfit shot of how it all comes together on my own canvas.

Forever21 racer back tank
$3.80 - forever21.com

Richard Nicoll zipper jacket
$925 - net-a-porter.com

Forever21 stretch skinny jeans
$11 - forever21.com

Canvas shoes
$30 - dsw.com

Forever21 bangle bracelet
$2.80 - forever21.com

Forever21 necklace
$2.80 - forever21.com

White shawl
$36 - topshop.com

**i didn't quite go as far as shooting myself but i'm warming up to it....here are some shots i took at lunch today:

 like i was saying before, i couldn't find my caslon jacket on polyvore so here is a quick shot of it after i took it off at lunch along with my vintage (ha) scarf from target.  so awesome it finally made it to sleeveless weather in p-town.

 my boat shoes which i am loving this spring and summer, good staple for so many different looks.

 had a great chat with my gf at pastini where we enjoyed the sun, salad and iced tea.  summer is the best.  you can see her fidgeting with her hair in the window, haha.

one of the many reasosn i love downtown portland, i think their buildings are just mesmerizing.  not that i have any particular draw to the hilton but it was right in front of me and i thought the red lettering and that awesome red brick building in front of it against the blooming trees was a great view for lunch.



new month, new experience.  i found a great idea when i stumbled across white peach photography and their 30 day photo challenge . i am adding a day since there are thirty-one in july and adjusting the criteria slightly to make it my own by including a few of my passions and also a few things out of my box to ensure it is a new journey which makes me stretch a little.  i am hoping this will assist me in forming a habit of posting daily which i have so far found quite difficult.  another motive is to learn a few new features on my eight month old camera which i still only know the basics of.

challenge as follows:

day one:  doorway
day two:  self-portrait
day three:  clouds
day four:  yellow
day five: from a high angle
day six:  from a low angle
day seven:  food
day eight:  a bad habit
day nine:  someone you love
day ten: childhood memory
day eleven:  household object
day twelve:  cityscape
day thirteen:  long exposure
day fourteen:  eyes
day fifteen:  silhouette
day sixteen:  my street
day seventeen:  technology
day eighteen:  your shoes
day nineteen:  something orange
day twenty: create and use a bokeh
day twenty-one:  faceless self-portrait
day twenty-two:  hands
day twenty-three:  sunflare
day twenty-four:  letters
day twenty-five:  pink
day twenty-six:  close-up
day twenty-seven:  from a distance
day twenty-eight:  flowers
day twenty-nine:  black and white
day thirty:  something furry
day thirty-one:  #31

i will see you tomorrow with the first of my postings, so excited.



this weekend r and i decided to try out a new recipe.  in typical fashion we took a few shortcuts......here is our baking adventure.


1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup superfine sugar
3 eggs, beaten
1/2 tsp almond extract
1 cup ground almonds
6 tbsp raspberry jam
powdered sugar

the original recipe of included making dough for the crust but we decided to cut 20 minutes off our commitment and make use of some pre-made dough hiding in the freezer.  we had pillsbury pie crust but any will do.  leave dough out until room temperature.  choose your dish and grease with butter, we chose a 9-inch cake pan.  roll dough out in to dish and push into nooks and crannies.  crimp ends of dough in whathever fashion you prefer, we used a fork.  poke bottom of dough with fork to allow breathing during baking.

cover with wax or parchment paper.  set approximately 1.5 cups of rice on parchment paper to weigh down while baking.  bake in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.

while crust is baking, make the filling.

begin by chopping almonds in food processor until finely ground.

beat butter and sugar in mixer until creamy.

slowly add lightly beaten eggs and mix until fully incorporated.

add almond extract and ground almonds.  mix, just until combined.

remove pie crust from oven and allow to cool.  spread jam over pastry.

spoon filling into shell on top of jam.

bake 350 for 25 minutes.  top will be slightly darker than golden brown.  center should be set but still slightly soft to the touch.

allow to cool on bakers rack.  dust with powdered sugar.  slice and devour.


i love the combination of such bold items with such bare items. 

due to continually forgetting to bring my picture files to the office and not allowing enough time in the evening to upload, i am stuck with sharing another outfit post.  kitchen time blog to be posted this evening, i'm positive of it.

Blank Canvas, Color Splashes
Blank Canvas, Color Splashes by stephdanielle featuring zara shoes

Nude dress
$95 - topshop.com

Zara shoes
$50 - zara.com

TopShop stone ring
$13 - topshop.com

$25 - topshop.com


thanks to the always entertaining and fashionable blog, The Blonde Salad , i have a new diy idea.  this cut out sweatshirt is so fun and with the right hunting tactics, i will find one lightweight enough to be the perfect summer top for evenings out and about.  wish me luck, i will keep you posted when i am ready to begin slicing and dicing.


i am in love with this look for a summer night out.  i like mixing casual pieces with dressier and or work wardrobe pieces.  time to begin searching for a version which will be a little nicer on the wallet.

TopShop white racerback tank
$10 - topshop.com

TopShop gray blazer
$120 - topshop.com

True religion shorts
€359 - jades24.com

Zara wide sandals
$109 - zara.com

Zara messenger bag
$100 - zara.com

Bex Rox costume jewelry
$295 - stylebop.com

Diamond jewelry

Forever21 coin necklace
$3.80 - forever21.com