new month, new experience.  i found a great idea when i stumbled across white peach photography and their 30 day photo challenge . i am adding a day since there are thirty-one in july and adjusting the criteria slightly to make it my own by including a few of my passions and also a few things out of my box to ensure it is a new journey which makes me stretch a little.  i am hoping this will assist me in forming a habit of posting daily which i have so far found quite difficult.  another motive is to learn a few new features on my eight month old camera which i still only know the basics of.

challenge as follows:

day one:  doorway
day two:  self-portrait
day three:  clouds
day four:  yellow
day five: from a high angle
day six:  from a low angle
day seven:  food
day eight:  a bad habit
day nine:  someone you love
day ten: childhood memory
day eleven:  household object
day twelve:  cityscape
day thirteen:  long exposure
day fourteen:  eyes
day fifteen:  silhouette
day sixteen:  my street
day seventeen:  technology
day eighteen:  your shoes
day nineteen:  something orange
day twenty: create and use a bokeh
day twenty-one:  faceless self-portrait
day twenty-two:  hands
day twenty-three:  sunflare
day twenty-four:  letters
day twenty-five:  pink
day twenty-six:  close-up
day twenty-seven:  from a distance
day twenty-eight:  flowers
day twenty-nine:  black and white
day thirty:  something furry
day thirty-one:  #31

i will see you tomorrow with the first of my postings, so excited.

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